1. The resistance to learning and exploring something new. This mindset arises when challenged to do something new. And the resistance occurs because it is perceived that this new thing cannot be done effortlessly
  • Daily virtual communication reduces the fear of less social interaction.
  • Efficiency and progress-tracking tools increase productivity.
  • Closing deals remotely and team-alignment can be guaranteed.
  • Dedicate a workspace at home that is away from any noise and distraction.
  • Keep the mornings for strictly sales-related tasks, perhaps some prospecting or strategic planning.
  • Assign a time during the day for emails and to communicate with your manager or colleagues.
  • Block specific times during the day to monitor performance and productivity.
  • Make some time for lunch.
  • Start with a to-do list. Creating a to-do list sets the tone for your day. Ideally, create it the night before and follow it throughout the next day. Check off the tasks which you finished.
  • Avoid multitasking. Switching your focus from one task to another will hurt your productivity.
  • Stay away from the internet and run away from the endless social media scrolling.
  • Introduce yourself to the self-management methodology (Getting Things Done), capture everything, clarify what you have to do, organize the actionable tasks into results, review the system and get to work.
  • Keeps you connected with the team
  • Increases your productivity
  • Keeps track of your performance
  • Automates your communication process
  • Helps you with collaboration
  • NeoDove, for sales automation
  • Zoom, for video meetings
  • GetAccept, for electronic signatures
  • Google Docs, for documentation
  • Basecamp, Trello, or Zendesk, for project management
  • Slack, for internal communication
  • Notion and Google Hangouts, for work collaboration



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NeoDove is an end-to-end tech-enabled business communication and reporting platform. Meant for vertical and horizontal communication.