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Just felt that your business operations are a bit too clunky..

Almost like there’s a missing cog in your otherwise well-oiled machine like business?

Well then, the right CRM tools may be exactly what you’ve been missing all along.

In this article, we will take a closer look at what CRM tools are, their importance, their application in business and even find out what the best CRM software is .

Firstly, what are CRM tools?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management . It refers to tools or software that help businesses properly organize, store as well as easily access customer data.

In the modern business world, it has become quite a complicated process for them to manage their relationships with customers.

Nowadays, in order to compete in any industry, you definitely need a very reliable system built through the use of CRM tools.

CRM tools provide a platform for connecting different departments within your business.

From customer service to sales, it is responsible for organizing all their metrics and activities into one proper system.

Secondly, why are CRM tools important?

A CRM solution can help you find a range of new customers as well as persuade them to support your business. By organizing customer and prospect information, you will be able to build stronger relationships and grow your business much faster.

Three of the main ways CRM tools play an important role are:

Centralization of customer information

CRM software starts by gathering customer data from multiple channels and mediums of communication. They may also store additional information like a client’s personal preferences for communication.

CRM tools then organize all of this information to provide you with a collective record of companies and individuals. You can then use these to analyze and better understand your relationships.

Having a centralized view of all your prospects and customers can be very useful for your business. It allows a CRM software to easily manage your daily customer activities and interactions.

Optimized business operation processes

From a marketing perspective, this can also help with connections and engagement. Through targeted digital marketing campaigns and journeys, you can find ways to engage your prospects with rightly-timed messages.

Meanwhile, for sales, reps will be able to work smarter and faster. As they will have a clear view of need-to-know information, they can perform much more accurate forecasting.

Commerce teams can quickly launch as well as scale commerce. This can be seen from online orders to curbside pickup, both for business buyers as well as consumer shoppers.

Moreover, your customer service agents are able to respond to customer needs via any channel and from any location.

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Developing customer relationships

A CRM-enhanced platform can help you to connect with other business apps to further develop customer relationships.

Recently, CRM solutions are more open and so can easily integrate with your favourite business tools i.e. accounting and billing, surveys, etc. This integration allows for information to flow both ways. Thus, it gives you a complete 360-degree view of all your customers.

Furthermore, automatically generated insights can help you understand a lot more about your customers. It can even sometimes predict how they will feel and act to help you prepare accordingly. Built in AI can also help find new opportunities in your business data.

The Benefits of using CRM tools

CRM tools allow for the centralization of company data regarding customers. This can help businesses drive growth and increase profits. Some of the other benefits of businesses using CRM tools are:

Improves efficiency

CRM tools help make companies run more efficiently. They allow for all your business data to be stored in one place which makes for a better workflow. Not only that, but they also allow for easier interdepartmental collaboration and overall better project management.

Have more business transparency

Using CRM tools allows for more transparency within your organization. With it, every member of your company gains visibility of business processes. Thus, fostering much more clarity as well as better teamwork amongst employees.

Retain more customers

A good CRM allows for a higher number of customers to be retained by your business. As everyone will be relying on a single source of information, all employees can work with greater confidence.

Hence, better customer-brand relationships can develop in the long run.

Increase sales and profits

CRM tools allow the streamlining of your sales process, automate tasks, build a pipeline as well as for the easy analysis of sales data. All of these processes lead to increase in sales alongside sales productivity.

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CRM application in business

Businesses across all industries can benefit from CRM solutions. It helps you streamline your sales workflow. In addition to this, establishing relationships with clients is also made easier.

These types of software can even help your business speed up sales processes without affecting the quality of service you offer.

To gain a better understanding of how CRM tools work in business, here are some of the ways they can enhance how your business operates:

CRM tools help increase sales, perhaps one of the primary reasons for adopting them. A high-performance CRM will help you spend less time on unproductive tasks and follow the best leads.

Moreover, win rates are higher and sales cycles are shorter. You can also check the buying histories of customers to prospective leads, repeat customers or upsell opportunities.

Helps Measure and grow your business

CRM gives you access to collective data on sales opportunities, trends as well as forecasts. All this data is extremely important to making your company’s immediate as well as long term-term business plans.

In fact, business leaders use CRM data to identify which products and markets are most profitable. Then, they evaluate how they can adjust their marketing strategies accordingly to reach pre-set goals.

Speeds up decision-making

CRM software allows for you to make accurate insights in real-time based on onsite data. Thus, this allows you to adjust and improve your tactics to maximize your chances and prevent any potential setbacks.

CRM helps you direct your resources not only in critical areas, but also promising ones. In a similar manner, accurate information allows you to identify best practices. This improves the overall operation of your business.

Optimizes team performance

CRMs help business leaders stay up to date on their business. With its assistance, they can also monitor each team’s performance and their progress towards department goals.

Consequently, real-time sales reports can assist in identifying inefficiencies in the sales process. They also help in highlighting if customers aren’t receiving proper support as well the return on investment for marketing campaigns.

Enhanced data security

All confidential information of customers and trade insights are stored in a central database instead of disconnected desktops.

As a result, only authorized employees will be able to access the data. In addition, you only need to monitor one channel, so you can easily spot any security breach.

Optimum mobility for your field team

CRM tools play a crucial role in enabling field teams to view customer data remotely. Personal information like purchase history, product information or even delivery schedules can be easily accessed when needed.

Moreover, mobile CRM gives users access to these details from anywhere. As a result, salespeople can make decisions or provide reports to customers on the spot.

Additionally, mobile CRM can be used for examining customer credit limits, checking real-time inventory, receiving alerts regarding stock shortages, and more.

How to choose the best CRM software?

Now, you may be wondering what is the best CRM software?

Well, to put it quite simply there is no one right answer. It all completely depends on you as well as your business needs.

Choosing the right tool for your business is certainly not an easy task, especially with so many options to choose from. From the more simple straightforward tools to more comprehensive and integrated ones, the process can get quite overwhelming.

To make your search a little less taxing, here is a list of some of the best CRM software currently on the market:


Salesforce connects sales to service, marketing and much more. It aims to help you find selling opportunities throughout your business.

It’s main features include contact and lead management, sales collaboration, email integration and sales forecasting. Salesforce provides you with an accurate view of your business with helpful comprehensive forecasts.


Pipedrive is a sales management tool aimed at small teams. It visualizes your sales pipeline and ensures important conversations and activities won’t get dropped.

Some of its main features include contact history, goal setting and reporting, email tracking and Google apps integration. Pipeline has more or less redesigned the world of CRM by taking it from a bulky system to an easy-to-use solution.


NeoDove is an immensely powerful telecalling CRM and sales platform that aims to increase the efficiency of your telecallers and help them convert more leads into sales.

Some of its main features are automated and progressive dialing, comprehensive lead management, and extended features through the marketplace. As well as these, it also provides multi-platform integration and multi-channel customer engagement.


Freshdesk is a software that helps combine an automated help desk with customer relationship management. In this way, you will get more insight regarding your customers and how to best serve them.

Its main features include customer management, powerful tickering and scheduled reporting. With Freshdesk, you’ll be able to get instant answers by establishing a knowledge base that can be accessed whenever necessary.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM helps you reach out to prospects at the right time, engage with them via multiple channels. Thus, this helps you close deals in a much smarter way.

Some of its main features include salesIQ for tracking visitors as well as sales intelligence. Additionally, it also has email integration, campaigns for email marketing and social for social media marketing.


As you can see, customer relationship management plays a crucial role in any successful business. It allows you to positively engage the maximum number of customers and remain competitively strong in today’s cutthroat business environment.

Moreover, with its automation-based abilities, users can reduce time spent on manual tasks and focus on more attention-commanding responsibilities.

Overall, with this article, you are now well-armed with plenty of valuable information regarding CRM. Now, you too can examine your own business needs and make the right choice of CRM tools to optimize your business.

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