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5 min readFeb 23, 2022

That clunky sound was always attention-grabbing. Don’t you agree?

Well, a lead magnet is pretty much the same. It should be attention-grabbing and should attract your niche’s potential customers to click.

When it comes to the lead generation process, a lead magnet is something that can either break or make your lead generation process.

Fact check 50% of marketers who started using lead magnets report higher conversion rates.

If you are new to the word lead magnet, then let us tell you, it plays a vital role in inbound marketing . To explore this term in detail, read the below-stated article and you will learn how to create a lead magnet process for a successful business.

What is a lead magnet?

When we talk about a lead magnet, their core is related to any value thing that is important for exchanging prospects’ contact information, usually, it is an email address. A lead magnet is usually seen in the form of free guides or reports available in the form of PDFs.

Although, you will find various types. Every type comes with the same goal, it is increasing the number of targeted leads that the business is getting as an offer.

Why lead magnet is important?

Being a marketer, it is important to have a lead magnet to make your job effective and easier. When it comes to online marketing, at the initial stage, people used to sign up for a free newsletter, but in recent scenarios, things are not the same.

Although money is not everything that changes your hands if you get the email address of your prospect, it is much valuable thing. There are higher chances of converting them into leads as they may show interest in your product and provide you an opportunity to market your product or services to them.

The problem arrives when people hesitate to share their email address unless they are sure that something is valuable for them, A perfect lead magnet is something that grabs the attention of the buyer and delivers the best to them. When a business wins over leads through a free offer, this gains interest in paid offers and by this business can develop a great relationship with leads.

On the other hand, if the lead magnet fails, it makes the opposite of what a business wants.

How to create a lead magnet roadmap?

To make an effective lead magnet process, it is important to follow the below stated steps.

Step 1- Make sure to choose the correct buyer persona

The major mistake that marketers usually do is to target a whole lot of buyers, but in reality, it is important to do exactly its opposite.

Your lead magnet has to specifically target only ultra-specific people. If it does not attract leads or is of no value for them like not in accordance with their needs, there are fewer chances of their downloading it.

Although, a company has different and many buyer personas, it is essential to have a lead magnet particularly to target a single buyer.

However, you don’t have to worry about which buyer persona is effective and how it will work? There would be many lead magnets available for all of them and it is only important to pick the right one that shows you that it is more valuable for the right buyer persona and go ahead.

Step 2- Identify your value proposition

Once you have a list of the email addresses or know which prospects you want to target, you must have a good reason to target them.

The number of leads your lead magnet generates is directly linked to the promise to make with them.

To know your value proposition, it becomes easier on your part to convince leads. So it is important to make something that your lead wants and figure out what they need.

Step 3- Give your lead magnet a name

Now when you know to whom you are sending a lead magnet and according to their needs, it becomes easier for you to name your lead magnet.

Naming it is important as your value proposition will be opened by the buyer if they even find the name attractive.

Your title is the headline of your value proposition that attracts your buyer’s persona.

As we provide an attractive headline to the marketing email, same way, your lead magnet also needs an attractive title.

Step 4- Choose what type of lead magnet you want to offer

After knowing the needs of buyer persons, now you would have got an idea what kind of lead magnet will suit your buyer persona. Although you have many options to choose from, it is important to choose the right one that could deliver the right value proposition.

Here are some tips that you must keep in mind while deciding the right lead magnet:

  • Never use a complicated lead magnet, make sure it is simple, concise, and provides valuable content.
  • Although, an E-Book is never a bad idea, to provide a more valuable lead magnet, go for videos instead of E-Book.
  • And this goes without saying, go for fast delivery. Reduce your lead response time to grab hold of your leads’ attention.

Step 5- Create your lead magnet

Now the strategic work is done, you know how to create a lead magnet , but still creating a customized lead magnet that works for your niche, needs some more work. You have to create your own lead magnet keeping in mind the above-stated steps.

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Types of lead magnet ideas

Here is a list of 9 different types of lead magnet ideas you can utilise for your business:

Ready to get the best of both worlds?

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