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As vehicles become old, they require more maintenance. This is one of the reasons why service centers have helped automobile dealerships’ revenue grow steadily. Today, a large number of existing and new customers prefer going to stand-alone mechanics or small local workshops to get the job done.

So, how will you beat these frightening competitors?

In the Automobile Industry, Services mainly fall into the categories of “paid services” and “free services”. Free services include free labor costs. Free services usually come during the 1st year of your vehicle purchase. Although in hindsight, free services might not generate much service revenue for the workshop they are very important in the long run. If you can make a customer happy during the free service, the chances of his coming to you for paid services becomes much higher

Since customers have longer memories between new car purchases than ever before, improving the services at every touchpoint will help in generating more revenue for the dealer.

1.Grasp innovation

Innovation is not only important for improving the means of buying cars and closing deals, but also for the after-sales service. There is not much opportunity for buyers to obtain this kind of management and innovation at the corner car store. Shouldn’t they expect similar treatment at the dealer store? Most often clients are probably not going to venture out to longer distances for their vehicle services needs. Here lies an opportunity for dealerships to tap customers in their local vicinity. Use Whatsapp, SMS, Digital marketing, Outbound calling to find potential customers in your area.

2.Offer auto fix financing

Few out of every odd assistance visit goes as easily as we’d like it to. From a certain angle, when looking at the engine, the mechanic may find other things to consider. Financing is an amazing arrangement. Estimates of financing for automatic repairs are need of the hour today.

The automatic repair financing will be an excellent choice for your customers. For anyone dealing with dealership management, competing for the cost is a well-known fact, and automatic repair financing helps you gain an edge there. If you want your fixed ops to be as profitable as possible, auto repair financing is a great option to make available for your service customers.

3. Procure trust and regard

In the event that clients are accepting acceptable help, serious valuing, and predictable assistance updates, for what reason would they say they are surrendering to autonomous mechanics when their guarantee runs out? Or then again even better, for what reason would another oil change coupon win back a surrendered client who has been getting service offers throughout the previous few years? These are some fantastic focuses. Give free services like wheel arrangement and adjusting, vehicle washing, extras, and so on allowed to make a separation in the brains of the clients. We referenced trust being an issue in strategy, nonetheless, there’s a whole other world to it. Dealerships must pick up the trust and regard of their clients.

4. Make help advantageous

For managing customers, comfort may be the biggest factor. Current customers don’t want to go to the dealership and don’t need to put down the vehicle and return it later. Recent research by Accenture indicates,70% of the customers would prefer invisible services. So what is Invisible service?

The vehicle gets serviced/repaired without the owner having to visit the dealer point.

One way to tackle this is to provide long-distance transportation and pickup for your valuable customers. Customers would rather choose individuals to accompany them, rather than spend a day putting down the vehicle and arranging transportation. Not only will it keep many local service center competitors far away, but it will also keep your local mechanics at bay..

5. Have your data updated

If you can’t quantify the results or organize, what are the reasons for investing resources in Internet advertising for fixed operations? Often the owner and the user might or might not be the same. In such cases, it is important that you have the decision maker’s contact details updated. So next time you have an attractive offer or new product launch you can do an outbound calling only when the contact details are updated.

6. Takeaways

If your dealership can prove to buyers that your fixed operations are better than independent stores and make the experience more advantageous and attractive, you will definitely get more outstanding maintenance and reliability from your customers. Use Vigor to follow up with existing customers via Outbound call, message, or WhatsApp. Use these strategies to seize opportunities you don’t have yet!

7. Instructions to Integrate the Service Drive with Sales

Incredible assistance in every step of the buyer journey both pre-sales and post-sales leads to customer loyalty. To be honest, auto industry information suggests that after five help visits, customers tend to buy their next car from your dealership only. If not buy at least become your brand advocate and give referrals. And your workshop experience is an incredibly effective and effective strategy for dealing with potential customers. This depends not only on ensuring that you provide a great customer experience but also on ensuring that you have the ideal people and work cycles to associate your managers and service workshops so that you can take advantage of this association.

8. Add VAS to your service list

Having VAS services like extended warranty, insurance, AMC and likes not only acts as an additional channel of revenue but also helps in increasing your workshop revenue. Industry research indicates the chances of customers returning to your workshop for services increases exponentially when they take VAS like insurances or extended warranties from your dealership. To know more click here.


Great service performance is a precursor for great sales performance and similarly, service loyalty generates sales loyalty. Service conversion, when done effectively, is a tremendously powerful and efficient method of sales prospect generation. Ensure your dealership takes advantage of technology to up the game. NeoDove is one such simple to use contact center and lead management solution that will help you to touch base with your customers for all their sales and service needs effectively.


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